My new faveourite blogging tool – Asus X501U Laptop

Well one of the main reasons I stopped blogging was because my lovely laptop broke and after several attempts to revive it was declared dead. So, for Christmas my lovely boyfriend bought me a faaabulous new ASUS notebook. I adore it, lightweight, fast and has Windows 8 which is unbelievable.  It has a 6 inch screen to so not your usual notebook, which is great as the small screens are useless for doing anything on!



Windows 8 makes everything so much easier, the start screen has hundreds of apps, things to make life easier like to-do lists, weather and many more. It’s also compatible with Xbox Live which would be perfect for all you gamers out there and a split screen so you can multitask your heart out! The laptop also includes a webcam which will be perfect for all of my pictures for my blog!

Anyone out there looking for a new laptop I would highly recommend this one! Fab laptop and great value. I look forward to writing lots of blogs from it.

 Here’s a link to the PC World website where I bought it

Happy reading

M x