Valentines Day – Pixy Love


BB2xJYZCIAAwhshWhat better way to spend Valentines day then by pampering yourself of love of your life! Pixy Natural have just the products for you, Pixy Sensual bath oil in a heart shaped bottle and Pixy honeysuckle soap


I’m not a lover of a long soak in the bath but with Pixy Naturals Sensual bath oil would stay in one all day! The oil is infused with Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E and is packed with powerful antioxidants that cleanse and protect, leaving your skin reconditioned and smooth. With a Water Lily scent it’s so relaxing and gorgeous. My skin felt so amazing and soft afterwards, and smelt amazing! I will definitely need to take more baths with this oil, i really loved it. This oil is only €9.95 and is amazing!


I’m so in love with the fairy portrait on this soap I almost didn’t want to use it but with the amazing honeysuckle smell I just had to! This pink soap is enriched with the benefits of cocoa butter and has added Macadamia Nut oil to make it even more moisturizing! It is perfect for people with skin problems because of all this moisture! I adored this soap, it made my hands super soft and smelling amazing! I also adored the fairy portrait, it’s hand painted with mica shimmer in gold and pearl which makes it look like a little work of art.


Check out Pixy Natural’s amazing range products,they have some amazing Valentines day hampers that would make the most amazing gifts.





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